About Me

I live in Brighton on the south coast of England and I work for KCOM, who have one of their many offices in my home town, following their acquisition of the ISP formerly known as Mistral Internet in February 2007. My job title is Principal Systems Architect – I’m part of (and responsible for) a team of 5 engineers who look after stuff like our mail cluster, DNS, RADIUS, shared web hosting and some of the back office systems.

I started using Linux on my computers at home after PCPlus Magazine gave away a stripped down copy of SuSE Linux 5.3 on their cover CD during the summer of 1998. At that time, I was working for Travellog Systems, a software house specialising in reservations systems for the rail, ferry and tour operator sectors. Virtually all of our deployments were on IBM RS6000 boxes running AIX v4.x.

In January 2001, I left Travellog and went to work at Mistral Internet. The ensuing years have led to me learning much more about Linux than is probably healthy. I”ve had to get to grips with administering DNS servers running Bind v9, mail servers running Sendmail, Exim, Postfix, Courier and Dovecot, web servers running Apache and Microsoft IIS, database servers running PostgreSQL, MySQL and MSSQL2000/2005, RADIUS servers running FreeRADIUS and FTP servers running ProFTPd or vsftp. I’ve also had cause to learn the Python programming language, together with a smattering of PHP…

Back in the real world, I”m the proud Dad of 2 daughters, one aged 15 the other 12 and July of 2013 will, unless something drastic happens in the mean time, see my wife and I celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary, so clearly I”m doing something right if she’s put up with me for this long!

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