RPM Packages for CentOS Linux

I have a bunch of RPM packages that I’ve made for CentOS over the last couple of years – nothing hugely earth-shattering, but just some stuff that I like to install by default whenever I have to build a new machine. I’ve created a yum repository on the same server that hosts this web site, so feel free to go ahead and make use of it!

To use this repository with (for example) the yum package manager, download and install linux2000-repo-1.0-1pke.noarch.rpm. This will also install the GPG public key that I use to sign my packages, allowing you to verify that downloaded RPMS have not been tampered with in transit to you.

If you would like to browse the contents of my repo to see what packages are contained therein, the URLs are:

Binary packages: http://packages.linux2000.com/l2k6server-x86_64/rpm

Source packages: http://packages.linux2000.com/l2k6server-x86_64/sources

Please note that my packages are intended to be used on a 64-bit install of CentOS v6.x. They *may* be compatible with a 64-bit install of RedHat Enterprise Linux v6.x, but I have not tested this. I have no plans to port these packages to other versions of CentOS or to other Linux distributions. Source RPMs are available for those who want to try.

These packages are offered as a public service in the hope that they will be considered useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Any use you may make of the contents of this repository is understood by you to be entirely at your own risk.

Feedback, comments or suggestions for improvements can be made to the e-mail address for me which is embedded in most of these packages.