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Jun 26th, 2011 Comments: 0

Logbook Summary

I’d had a yearning to fly since the age of 13, when I was a cadet in the ATC. I started studying for a group D licence, i.e. microlights, in 1991 and had clocked up less than 4 hours when I suddenly found myself out of a job for around 9 months. In the years that followed, I found another job, moved to the south coast of England, changed jobs again, met the girl who would later become my wife, got a mortgage, had 2 children, etc, etc, etc. Before I knew what was going on, more than 10 years had passed and I had almost forgotten all about flying, until my 40th birthday arrived…

This is how my flying experience stands at present. The full JAA-PPL is just too expensive for me to contemplate at this point, so it”s back to microlighting for me! The minimum requirement for a NPPL with microlight rating is 25 hours and very few people manage it in the minimum time. I”ll just keep telling myself that…


  • Last Lesson: 26 June 2011
  • Total Time: 11h 10m
  • Next Lesson: n/a

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